on instant replay and fairness

image: Mídia NINJA

image: Rio na Rua

The Copa, like everything else in the world, is experienced through screens — the blue wavy screen of my cell phone, the pixelated stream of the live feed from the protests, the high-definition FIFA-standard transmission that lags behind all of them. The endless replays from different angles still haven’t decided whether the penalty call on Fred in the game against Croatia last week was legitimate. Meanwhile, in Cinelândia right now the image is chaotic but the situation is clear: protesters trying to catch a bus down to Copacabana are arbitrarily detained, more than a dozen taken off to multiple police stations spread across the city. While Fred falls again and again in slow motion, calm lanky Cristiano is swarmed just once — that’s enough — and led away by the police. In both cases there is talk of justice.


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